About GSN

GSN is a network of scholars and activists from around the world whose interest converge at the intersection of genders/sexualities and queer studies in East Asia and Europe. We aim to combine transnational and transcultural perspectives with questions of genders and sexualities within a postcolonial framework.

We live in an increasingly interdependent, complex and entangled world and it is our conviction that we need to accompany and co-shape these developments with our critical and equally interconnected (academic) expertise.

Initiated by contributing scholars at the Symposium “Queerying Japan” at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany) in July 2018, GSN was founded with the specific aim to broaden the base of members to include other regions in East Asia and Europe.

This blog (and a website that is in the making) serves as an interlinking digital platform for information and dialogue across regional borders within East Asia and between East Asia and Europe.

Our common field of inquiry into genders, sexualities and their mediations in a multitude of local and global media transcends disciplines as well as cultural and national borders. Our network members, their activities and publications provide windows for understanding that locally specific cultural, social and political developments regarding genders/sexualities are simultaneously transculturally shaped, regionally significant and globally relevant.